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盛世收藏精品推荐 四川军政府造铜币&崇宁通宝壹组
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盛世收藏精品推荐 四川军政府造铜币&崇宁通宝壹组

成都博古轩拍卖有限公司【藏.荐】栏 为藏品强大的传播效应向各位买家推荐经国家一级鉴定专家甄选的艺术珍品,为藏家牵线搭桥,让千百件艺术珍品价值被发掘与重视,在拍卖会上得以高价成交。

Chengdu Boguxuan Auction Co., Ltd. [Tibet. Recommendation] column recommends art treasures selected by experts at the first level of national appraisal to buyers for the powerful dissemination effect of the collection. It helps collectors to bridge the gap, so that the value of thousands of art treasures can be excavated and valued, and high prices can be concluded at the auction.



  【类别】 杂项

【规格】 直径:39.4mm&34.3mm  重量:20.54g&13.7g



[Name]Sichuan military government made copper COINS & chongning tongbao 1 group

[Category] miscellaneous

【 specification 】Diameter: 39.4mm&34.3mm weight: 20.54g&13.7g

【 Show the price】4500000.00 CNY


军政府造四川铜币是辛亥革命时期的产物。1911年12月发生成都兵变以尹昌衡、罗纶为正副都督的四川军政府取代了成立仅12天的大汉四川军政府。新的四川军政府成立之初即面临着需用日繁、度支日绌的财政困窘局面。军政府迅速接管了四川成都造币厂,决定铸造四川铜币以应急。民国元年4月,四川成都造币厂奉军政府之令,更换前清龙纹铜元旧模,雕版民国铜元新款。正式开铸军政府造四川铜币”,开模铸造“军政府造四川铜币”(也称“汉”字铜元)。该钱币存世稀少,价值不菲。正面面中央珠圈内有“四川铜币”四字,上下左右分列,其中心饰有芙蓉花纹。珠圈上缘书“军政府造”四字,左右饰以花星纹饰。字书法极为精湛、大气;该铜币铸造精美,工艺精湛,雕工极好,浮雕感很强,岁月的痕迹更为其增添了几分沉静和古朴的质感。钱币虽小,也可管窥当时社会文化一斑,质地浑厚有实感,虽在岁月流转中有所残损,但其背后的历史意义极高。军政府造四川铜币代表了中国近代的货币文化,反映了我国近代历史、经济、金融的兴衰和沧桑,具有很高的艺术观赏价值和文物价值,也具有一定的保值和升值功能,与孙小头和袁大头这些银币比起来,军政府造四川铜币流通范围较窄,发行量与存世量都相对来说比较少。也是由于这个原因,导致四川铜元的研究价值和市场价值都变得异常高,而且一套能集齐就更为珍贵。由于该钱币作为特殊历史时期地方政权的货币,具有不可替代的文物价值,从收藏与投资角度来说更是不可估量的。The production of sichuan copper COINS by the military government was a product of the 1911 revolution. In December 1911, chengdu mutiny took place. The sichuan military government with Yin changheng and luo lun as the chief and deputy governors replaced the han military government in sichuan which had been established for only 12 days. When the new sichuan military government was founded, it was faced with growing financial difficulties. The military government quickly took over the chengdu mint and decided to mint sichuan copper COINS in case of emergency. In April of the first year of the republic of China, sichuan chengdu mint, in accordance with the order of the military government, to replace the former qing dynasty dragon pattern copper yuan old model, engraving in the republic of China copper yuan new. Officially opened casting military government to make sichuan copper COINS, open mold casting "military government to make sichuan copper COINS" (also known as "han" character copper yuan). The coin is rare and valuable in the world. The central bead circle on the front has the word "sichuan copper coin", which is divided into the upper and lower sides. The center is decorated with hibiscus patterns. Bead circle on the edge of the book "military government made" four words, around decorated with flower star decoration. Calligraphy is superb, atmosphere; The copper coin is of fine casting, exquisite workmanship, excellent carver, strong sense of sculpture, the trace of time adds a few minutes of quiet and simple texture. Money is small, but also can glimpse the social culture at that time, the texture is rich and authentic, although in the years of circulation has been damaged, but the historical significance behind it is very high. The junta made sichuan coppers represents the currency of modern Chinese culture, reflects the rise and fall of China's modern history, economic, financial and vicissitudes of life, has the very high ornamental value and cultural value of art, also has certain value and function of appreciation, big and small head and sun yuan compared these COINS, the generals made sichuan coppers distribution range is relatively narrow, circulation and only a relatively less. It is also for this reason that the research value and market value of sichuan copper yuan have become extremely high, and a set can be even more valuable. As the currency of the local political power in the special historical period, the coin has irreplaceable cultural relic value, which is immeasurable from the point of view of collection and investment.

古钱币大多数是以铜合金形式铸造的,因而合金的成份不同,钱币也随之呈现出不同的颜色。各时代的钱币铜质是不同的,又由于古代冶炼技术不同,各地区铸造的古钱也各不相同,每个朝代各有特点。总的来讲,用铜锌合金铸造的钱币呈黄色,铜锡合金铸造的钱币呈青色。清代、民国时期,新疆、西藏等地铸钱,用铜加少许锌铅,铸成后钱体呈红色。钱币,无外乎两种:一为发掘品,一为传世品。发掘品在地下埋藏了许多年,其表面都长满了铜锈色。传世品也因空气中氧化作用,表面有一层包浆。呈黑色或铜色。铜是一种比较稳定的金属,在常温下不易生锈。要经过几十年,甚至上百年的时间才能生成氧化铜、碱式碳酸铜等。氧化铜因形成的颗位大小不同,呈现出黄、橙红、鲜红、深棕等不同的颜色,俗称“枣皮红”、“栗子壳”等。北宋徽宗赵佶崇宁年间(1102-1106年)始铸,年号钱。有崇宁通宝、崇宁重宝和崇宁元宝三种。 崇宁通宝当十型,钱文为徽宗亲书,所以又其为御书钱。该钱文书法清秀骨瘦,铁划银钩,是徽宗赵佶瘦金书体存留世间的真实,宋徽宗更因铸钱精绝,而于王莽并称“钱法二圣”。钱体厚重,青铜质,锈色古旧,开门的老生坑。之所以谓之大字版,是因此品钱文四字饱满,寄廓接缘。“宝、宁”二字冠点长且向左倾;长点“崇”;斜丁“宁”;高走“通”等,与被公认的各谱均载的大字“崇宁通宝”雷同。除钱径略小外,轮廓宽窄、 穿孔大小亦基本一致。崇宁重宝之所以能完美的展现宋徽宗高超的艺术水平,与徽宗一朝登峰造极的铸铜水平息息相关。以崇宁重宝铜母钱为例,崇宁重宝铜母钱能够做到不需修整任何字口,铸造精度能直接达到母钱甚至原母钱的水准,这种技术能力即使七百年后的清代母钱也难以做到,时至今日依然匪夷所思。时至今日,宋徽宗御笔书法已为国之至宝,一纸难求。崇宁重宝作为徽宗瘦金体书法艺术真实到代的物质载体,具有重要的史料价值和艺术价值,已越来越被收藏界所关注和重视Most of the ancient COINS were cast in the form of copper alloy, so the composition of the alloy was different, and the COINS also took on different colors. Copper COINS of different ages are different, and because of the ancient smelting technology is different, the casting of ancient COINS in different regions are different, each dynasty has its own characteristics. Generally speaking, COINS cast from copper and zinc alloy are yellow, while those cast from copper and tin alloy are blue. Qing dynasty, the republic of China, xinjiang, Tibet and other places to cast money, copper with a little zinc lead, cast money body is red. Money, no more than two kinds: one for excavation, one for handed down. The excavation has been buried in the ground for many years and its surface is covered with patina. Handed down the product also because of the air oxidation, the surface has a coating slurry. Black or copper in color. Copper is a relatively stable metal, which is not easy to rust at room temperature. After decades, even hundreds of years of time to produce copper oxide, basic copper carbonate. Copper oxide, due to the formation of different size of the location, showing yellow, orange red, bright red, dark brown and other colors, commonly known as "jujube red", "chestnut shell" and so on. In the reign of zhao chongning of huizong in the northern song dynasty (1102-1106), the money was cast with the year number. There are three kinds of chongning tongbao, chongning chongbao and chongning yuanbao. Chongning tongbao when ten type, qian wen for huizong close book, so it is royal book money. The chien-wen calligraphy is delicate and thin, with iron and silver hooks, which is the truth of hui zong zhao's thin and golden calligraphy. Money body thick, bronze, rusty old, open the old pit. The reason that the big word version, is therefore the product qian wen four full, send outline edge. "Treasure, ning" two words crown point long and to the left; Long point "chong"; Inclined ding "ning"; Gogowalk "tong", and is recognized by all the spectrum contained in the big word "chongning tongbao" similar. In addition to money slightly small diameter, profile width, perforation size is basically the same. The reason why chongning chongbao can perfectly display the superb artistic level of huizong in song dynasty is closely related to huizong's highest level of copper casting. Take chongning chongbao copper mother money as an example, chongning chongbao copper mother money can do not need to modify any words, casting precision can directly reach the level of the mother money or even the original mother money, this technical ability even after 700 years of qing dynasty mother money is difficult to do, up to now still inconceivable. Today, song huizong's calligraphy has become the country's most valuable, difficult to find a paper. Chongning chongbao, as the real material carrier of huizong's thin gold calligraphy, has important historical and artistic value and has been paid more and more attention by the collectors

此藏品现交于成都博古轩拍卖有限公司网络市场部专员运作推广,欢迎各位莅临本公司赏析及协商,广大收藏家可以通过各大媒体以及欢迎到公司了解详情,如需意向购买,提前办理好相关手续过来公司协商。一件藏品的成交离不开广告宣传!本公司以自成立以来,始终秉承“公开,公平,公正,诚实,守信”的服务原则,相关资质齐全,做最实在的宣传,上最高端的平台,享受最好的服务。特别提示:(以上藏品持宝人托我司诚意出售、欢迎各界收藏家咨询或出价,图片均为实物拍摄,若有疑问可预约我司观看实物)成都博古轩拍卖有限公司。This collection is now handed over to chengdu boguxuan auction co., LTD. Network marketing commissioner operation promotion, welcome you to visit the company appreciation and consultation, the majority of collectors can be through the major media and welcome to the company to understand the details, if you want to purchase, in advance to deal with the relevant procedures to the company to negotiate. The deal of a collect cannot leave advertisement propaganda! Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the service principle of "open, fair, just, honest, trustworthy", with complete relevant qualifications, to do the most practical publicity, the highest end of the platform, enjoy the best service. Special tips :(the above collection holders trust us to sell sincerely, welcome collectors from all walks of life to consult or bid, pictures are taken in kind, if you have any questions, you can make an appointment with us to see the kind) chengdu boguxuan auction co., LTD.


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